ODA Integrated Transport

ODAA Integrated Transport S.C. is a locally registered company whose primary purpose is benefiting a community of public shareholders from a private business it takes part in. ODAA Energy is the petroleum wing of the company which operates in the area of fuel, lubricants and related services. The company also has a huge transport wing which provides cross-country travel services with 50+ ultra-modern buses.
ODAA Integrated Transport S.C. is incorporated with a capital of 400 million and 10,000 shareholders. Most of the shareholders are public enterprises, city municipalities, insurance companies, other private firms and individuals who bought the vision of the company.
ODAA Integrated Transport Share Company is locally registered company with the main objectives of running different companies of different sectors among which are services, Manufacturing, real estate.

  • Agriculture, Hunting, Forestry, And Fishing
  • Manufacturing
  • Construction
  • Wholesale And Retail Trade, Repair of Motor vehicles, Motor Cycles and personal and Household Goods, Hotel and Restaurants, Import and export
  • Transport, Storage and Communication
  • Community, Social and Personal


The following are the basic learnings we need to have from our previous year experience. Following a review of previous year performance, a couple of strategic directions relevant to the development of the business are also touched on. Strategic threats for the healthy growth are also raised.

Construction of Retail Sites

The construction of new sites has resulted in a major mismanagement of company’s resources. In fact, this activity has resulted in the change of management in the line of business. The cost of construction of a typical retail station is about 5-7 million. Our sites cost on an average of 45-50 million (2 sites plus a depot containing 10, 50K storage tanks). This results in an average cost of 20-25 million per retail station.

Product Portfolios Expansion

Increasing the product portfolios is another area we need to focus on. This is the other area we made a mistake on when we first started operation. We made a deliberate effort to import lubricants. We took all the necessary steps to start importing Shell products. Finally, the product was held hostage by the BoDs.

HR Development & Recruitment Process

When ODAA Energy first started its official operation, it only had a few positions filled. The people who were holding positions in the line business had to cover additionally required positions to make the dream a reality. In other words, the energy line of business has always been starved of the required number and quality of personnel. In the year 2019/20, attempts were made to increase the number of resources.

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