Biftu Adugna Business

Biftu Adugna Business S.C is founded in 1994 as diversified trading company. The company is engaged in import and export undertakings. Among the items the company is importing are solar products, Cash Register Machines, agro-chemicals, reinforcement iron bars, medical supplies, pharmaceuticals, and stationary are the major ones. On the export side the major export items are coffee, pulses, oil seeds and spices.

Since its establishment the company has gone through wide ranges of business undertakings with notable achievements. The key to its success is adherence to our value of responsiveness to customers, uncompromising to quality and stickiness to scheduled delivery.

The company owns 12 story multi-purpose building complex at center of Addis Ababa around Mexico square. The building is rented for different businesses such as banks, offices, & retails.

Biftu Adugna Business S.C is a dynamic, business-oriented import-export firm, ranking among the leading firms in Ethiopia. The Biftu Adugna business S.C network is represented in more than 17 sales branches and deployed in branch office in Dire Dawa with 300-plus employees throughout the country. Biftu Adugna Business S.C. sales network enables the firm’s clients to receive personalized and reliable local services in a wide range of areas in business centers. The firm is proud of its highly professional and experienced high-tech group, which serves customers with professional experience and ethics. We offer imported products in sectors as diverse as solar technology, cash registers, medical supplies, pharmaceuticals, rebar, agro-chemicals, and more. We offer export items such as coffee, pulses, oil seeds, and spices. Biftu Adugna Business S.C. also owns 12 story multipurpose building complex in Addis Ababa.

Some Future of Products

Biftu Adugna Business S.C aspires to become the pride of Ethiopian company in import and export trading and further to provide great services that could satisfy our client.

Steel Products and Rebar

The construction activities and the infrastructure development in the country need the supply of steel products highly. We are actively participating on import and distribution of the steel products.

Medical & Pharmaceutical


We provide diversified services, including consulting, specification preparation, import and whole sale of medical equipment’s

Solar Technology


We supply different range of solar products such as solar lantern, solar home system, solar generators, solar and more.

Agro- Chemical


We work with primary farmer’s cooperatives and traders who supply the agro-chemical to the various farmers.


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Address: Mexico near to Addis Ababa university school of commerce | Biftu Building 7th Floor. | Phone: (251) 11 553 37 46 | Fax:(251) 11 553 42 18 | Email Address:

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