Who We Are

Tumsa Development Group is one of public development organization owned by Oromia Regional government. It is a government investment group with having five companies (Namely; Biftu Adugna Business S.C, Gada Transport and Logistic S.C, Jarra S.C, Oda Integrated Transport S.C and others). The companies are engaged in multifaceted trading and service sectors across the country and beyond. This business companies are operating in exporting, importing, distribution, transporting, clearing and forwarding, building administration, tour and hotel industries across the country. In line with this, TDG has a greater role through pooling the resource, leading and coordinating all these thematic working areas of the companies so that ensure the performance of the sectors

What We Do

Each of the Tumsa Development Group Companies is legally established and autonomous on the basement of Ethiopian commercial code of the Ethiopia. TDG is directly accountable to Oromia Public Development Authority under the control of regional government and the companies are organized under the TDG. This organization has begun the operation in 1994 as regional endowment to engaged in socio-economic development and currently re-organized as investment grouping the regional government strategy so as to ensure the clear line management structure of the organization and the subject matter align to the specialty of the sectors. 

Our Investment

  1. Joint Investment with local and foreign companies & other  business partners in PPP approach
  2. Investment that is Environmentally friendly and    benefit local community.
  3. Transfer  Technology
  4. Create employment opportunity & Create market local producers

This will Insure

  • Create Sense of ownership & sustain investment
  • Enhance livelihood of the local community
  • Equitable resource sharing & Avoid conflict  on resource